Victorian 14k gold-fill earrings w/ Swarovski Cantaloupe Crystals

By Debie Meyer on

Victorian Earrings - 14k - CantaloupeThese beautiful Victorian style, wire wrapped earrings are hand-crafted from 14 carat gold-fill wire and adorned with Swarovski, Crystal Passions®, cantaloupe-colored crystals and 14 carat gold beads. The earrings are hung on 14k gold ear wires.

Specially designed to change colors, Swarovski crystal cantaloupe beads have a captivating look that adds ever-changing color to designs. In natural sunlight, the cantaloupe color appears smoky-grey, with hints of light peach and green. Incandescent lighting turns the beads a peachy-fuchsia color. Fluorescent lighting creates a green color that can range from a light green, similar to erinite, to a vibrant green, similar to peridot.

Price: $20.00