4-1 Captive Bead Bracelet with Swarovski Cantaloupe Crystals

By Joshua Bracken on

4-1 Captive Bead Bracelet - Swarovski - CantaloupeThis elegant Persian style, 4-in-1 Captive Bead Bracelet was created using high quality, 304 alloy, stainless steel rings. Captured within the chainmaille weave are dazzling Swarovski® Cantaloupe crystals.

Specially designed to change colors, Swarovski Cantaloupe crystals have a captivating look that adds ever-changing color to this piece. In natural light, the crystals appear a smoky-grey color, with hints of peach and green. Incandescent lighting turns the crystals a peachy-fuchsia color. Fluorescent lighting turns the crystals a green color that can range from a light green to vibrant green, similar to peridot.

The crystals are held in place by the rings surrounding them. The bracelet is finished with a stainless steel lobster clasp on one end, and a short adjustment chain on the other. It will fit up to an 8 inch wrist.

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Price: $40.00